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Re: battery/clock

I've got about 160K on a Plymouth Grand Voyager and no starter problems.
But it has had a new tranny and a 200 buck Guido paint job (so it looks good
at 30 ft).  It still runs great and doesn't smoke, but I'm waiting for the
wheels to fall off so I can throw it away =)

John H. Outlan CPA
321-415-0234 (Fax)

03 R1150RT Black
FL tag 'IBMWR'

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> > I had  a Saturn coupe for over 60,000 miles and I never
> > had a problem with the starter or any other part of the car.
> For a GM product, that's pretty good.
> Brian in Boulder
> '01 BMW R1150GS
> '02 Yamaha WR426F
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