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RE: New List, Cold Riding


No electrics here...just good selection of layering and I'm good for
extended rides in the mid 20's.

Expedition grade thermal unders, polartec pullover, Joe Rocket Phoenix
jacket with liner.  On the bottom, expedition grade thermal unders,
polartec sweat pants and JR Ballistic pants, loose boots with wool socks
and liners, good winter gloves with liners or snowmobile
gloves...polartec balaclava to keep neck, chin and head warm...no
electrics of any sort yet.  Me thinks the heated grips might be nice but
I'll wait another year or two and see.


Tom Stites
Dawsonville, GA
BMWMOA #100577
AMA #550920

'97 R1100RTA Blue
'78 KZ1000A Red
'90 XR-80R RWB

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Am I the only anti-electrics guy on the list :-)   So far I've kept warm
without electrics using somthing like

 * silk turtleneck
 * wool shirt
 * polartek fleece vest
 * darien liner
 * darien jacket

for long trips.   For keeping warm around town I substitute a polartek
wind blocking long sleeve thingy made for skiers and a roadcrafter
suit for the darien liner and jacket.   In general I prowl the ski
clothes racks at places like REI for lightweight stuff to keep me warm.

 > light weight down jacket. Now only if I could get the R1100RS' heated

 > hand grips to warm up as much as the ones which were on my K75.

OK, I'm not 100% anti electrics. I do like my heated grips.   Did you
change gloves?  I've noticed a big difference in heat depending upon
the gloves being worn.   Seems like some are insulated so well they
keep the heat out!

// marc