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Re: New List, Cold Riding

In a message dated 11/11/2003 8:35:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

 So the new plan is to use the regular insulated liner that came with 
 the jacket, with me wearing a long sleeve thermal undershirt and then 
 the vest.  I thought it would be nice to leave the electrics with the 
 jacket, but have given up on that plan.  Will post how this all works 
Since I have both the heavy fleece liner as well as the lighter electric 
version (bought the first one shortly after they came out w/electric liner, wore 
it every day for what seems like years, and finally bought a new one w/standard 
liner), I am able to vary my dress for almost any expected temps. If I know 
it's going to be nasty, it's the fleece with Widder vest. If a notch less cold, 
the fleece goes on by itself. If not as cold but changing conditions, the 
electric is the call of the day since it does add "some" heat.

Like Marc, I find the ride more pleasant if I don't have to deal with 
electrics. But I'd much rather deal with electrics than not ride.
But then, I can always jump on the airhead RS and enjoy that wonderful 
fairing that keeps your feet warm through almost anything.

Geoffrey Greene
Knoxville, Tennessee USA
'94 BMW R1100RS