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RE: Notchy steering bearing

My bad.  When the telelever first came out I was interested to see how it was
done, haven't had a need to look at it since.  Just assumed it hadn't changed.

Davis Eichelberger

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> At 7:19 PM +0200 11/11/03, Clive Liddell wrote:
> >Davis, you wrote:
> >"There are two ball joints.  One on the telelever and one 
> under the top 
> >clamp." Now I have not BTDT but according to the manual I 
> believe this 
> >is valid only for the early? RSs and all other models have a 
> "thrust" 
> >ball bearing arrangement with the angular displacement being 
> taken up 
> >by "pot?" type joints at the top of the tubes.
> >Regards
> >Clive Liddell
> Yes, the GS (at least) has a sealed bearing captured in the top 
> plate. The play needed to accommodate fork leg angular displacement 
> is achieved through the rubber joints that locate the tops of the 
> forks in the upper clamp. I don't know the specific type of steering 
> bearing, but it certainly provides no angular motion, strictly 
> rotational.
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