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Re: Notchy steering bearing

At 7:19 PM +0200 11/11/03, Clive Liddell wrote:
>Davis, you wrote:
>"There are two ball joints.  One on the telelever and one under the top
>Now I have not BTDT but according to the manual I believe this is valid only
>for the early? RSs and all other models have a "thrust" ball bearing
>arrangement with the angular displacement being taken up by "pot?" type
>joints at the top of the tubes.
>Clive Liddell

Yes, the GS (at least) has a sealed bearing captured in the top 
plate. The play needed to accommodate fork leg angular displacement 
is achieved through the rubber joints that locate the tops of the 
forks in the upper clamp. I don't know the specific type of steering 
bearing, but it certainly provides no angular motion, strictly 

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