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Re: Cold riding?

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From: "Clive Liddell" <cliddell@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Oilheads List" <oilheads@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:32 AM
Subject: Cold riding?

> Hi All
> In contrast here, the last weekend was 37C+ and the game was to keep cool.
> During the Sunday run I sensed my battery dying on the way to breakfast so
> decided not to switch off and be stranded 2 hours out and just returned
> home.  When they die there's no such thing as jump starting is there?
> After 1st battery lasted 11 months and 2nd 18 months (both Mareg) I have a
> local (Yamaha) dealer checking for a suitable Japanese battery as a
> replacement.
> Thanks again Marco, a textbook seamless changeover!
> Regards
> Clive Liddell
> South Africa
> '96 R850R
> '01 R1100RT

I hear ya Clive...I'm still wearing my mesh jacket and cool tie in the
northern hemisphere (Orlando).  I think I'm going for the Odyssey battery
when the time comes.

John H. Outlan CPA
321-415-0234 (Fax)
03 R1150RT Black