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Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4

Hello Bob (and list),

On 12/1/03 5:35 AM, Robert Silas robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>I am seriously considering to buy a GPS.  I'd like to purchase the larger
>one, larger colour screen, preferably the talking one.
>Do you have any suggestion, could you recommend one???

My only experience with GPSes is with Hertz's "Never Lost" system (with 
which I got lost in downtown Boston), and my current StreetPilot III. I 
won't travel without it, it's that good. I don't have a detailed write-up 
about it, but full product details are available at www.garmin.com. It's 
big enough to use in car, yet small enough to use on a bike. It has a 256 
color screen with variable contrast and brightness that is readable 
except in direct sunlight. It has voice prompts (Bitchin' Betty tells you 
where to go ;-) -- Betty warns you before you need to make a turn or 
deviate your course. It can also run on 6 AA batteries for "up to 20 
hours", but in my experience under real use, it's closer to 2 if you 
leave the screen on bright, or 4 with modest powers conservation. My only 
regret is that my unit has only a 32 MB RAM card and I only have one 
unlock code for North America, though current units ship with the maxed 
out 128 MB card, and the full unlock code for the North American 
CityNavigator CD. CityNavigator has newer Canadian data, but on the down 
side, it ends as far east as the continental US, so much of the Canadian 
maritime provinces are missing. Also, CityNavigator detailed street level 
data is available only for the 7 major Canadian cities, plus some 
outlying regions like the newly added Stratford.

My local retailer tells me that the StreetPilot III has been replaced 
with StreetPilot 2610, a similar unit but with a touch screen and a 
remote control for in-car use. I've seen StreetPilot IIIs selling for a 

Keep in mind that gizmos cost coin. The color screen, the voice prompts, 
the 128 MB of data, they all add up. Visit the Garmin web site to see 
their offerings, then shop around. In Canada, www.radioworld.ca alleges 
to have the best prices in Canada, but that does not always equate to the 
best price. For example, a 128 MB RAM card is CAD$304 if purchased in 
Canada, or CAD$210 if purchased in the States, plus shipping. The Web is 
your friend :-)

- -Steve

 Oakville, Ontario, Canada
 2000 R1100S/ABS, Mandarin