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Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4

Thanks for the info.
I am seriously considering to buy a GPS.  I'd like to purchase the
one, larger colour screen, preferably the talking one.
Do you have any suggestion, could you recommend one???
Thanks in advance
Bob Silas
'94 RS in Montreal

I have a GPS V for my R1100RT and love it.  The smaller screen than the
StreetPilot doesn't seem to be a problem since the autozoom feature
zooms to the detail you need when you need it.  I like the smaller size
because you can take it in your pocket or fanny pack for hiking, etc.
The GPS V beeps to alert the driver of a course change but you can't
hear it over the bike noise and through the helmet.  The main down side
is the limited memory (19 MB).  You can't load in all the regions you
would like for a long trip.  The Streetpilot had a memory card for more
storage.  If I had to do it over, I'd get a GPS V again.  If I only
needed it for a car, I'd get the larger color version - and the biggest
memory card available.

'00 RT in Houston