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Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4

Hello Bob,

On 12/1/03 11:57 PM, Robert Silas robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Thanks a lot for the comprehensive write-up, I did not expect that much
>input, so thanks again.
>I will check out both sites and will see a dealer in Montreal too.  I intend
>to study the subject well, not just jump into it.  As for now, I am a real
>rookie on the subject.
>I'll let you know about my purchase, when I come to it.
>BTW, do you have better shocks on your bike???  I am on the OEM shocks at
>135,000 km.

I'm still running stock shocks, but the plan is to get Ohlins when the 
wallet permits. At your mileage, if you replace your current shocks with 
stock parts you will feel a significant improvement. My understanding of 
Ohlins is that they work extremely well, but they are very pricey. Budget 
around CAD$2.2K for a front and rear mono-shock (I don't know what you 
ride). I also understand that Works and Fox shocks are very good, and 
considerably less coin. I have not done any research outside of Ohlins. 
Good luck.

- -Steve

 Oakville, Ontario, Canada
 2000 R1100S/ABS, Mandarin