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Re: Shocks

This is what I hear from everybody: "Tremendous" difference in riding.  I
wonder that this is for the better shocks or just a result of replacing an
old shock to a new one.
The real comparison would be if a new OEM shock would be changed to a new
Ohlins or similar ones.
Thanks for the encouraging advise
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS, Montreal

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> When my '94 R1100RS had around 40,000mi on the odometer, I noticed the
> rear shock was leaking. I replaced both shock with Ohlins. There was a
> tremendous improvement in ride quality and stability. I don't know if
> the Ohlins are better than the OEMs, or Fox, but I do know they are
> much better than "shot" OEMs.
> Karl