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Re: Shocks

You are right by saying that the shocks settle down.  I am short and I
realized that now I can reach the ground easier than I did 5 years ago,
however I also noticed that my shocks bottom out easier then 5 years ago.
Since you have half of the km. I have on the bike, I may have passed your
situation and now shocks are just getting worse.
In every bad thing there is something good, and "vice versa"(?).
Thanks for pointing this out.
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS
Montreal, Que.

> Bob, you wrote:
> "BTW, do you have better shocks on your bike???  I am on the OEM shocks at
> 135,000 km."
> I'm glad to hear about the OEM shocks, especially the distance travelled.
> Like the rest of the bike the OEM shocks, IMO, seem to settle down and
> perform quite well for a long time.   My R850R at just under 70000km is
> giving a nicer ride now than I can remember when new (when it was a bit
> harsh on rough roads).  The RT, at 40000km, is also starting to glide
> with mainly the movement of the front forks indicating a deterioration of
> the road surface.
> It may be that I do not habitually load the bikes heavily - well not
> counting a few grocery runs every week...  Amazing, the mass in dog food,
> sugar, tinned stuff and the likes!
> Regards
> Clive Liddell
> South Africa
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> Subject: Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4
> > Hello Steve,
> > Thanks a lot for the comprehensive write-up, I did not expect that much
> > input, so thanks again.
> > I will check out both sites and will see a dealer in Montreal too.  I
> intend
> > to study the subject well, not just jump into it.  As for now, I am a
> > rookie on the subject.
> > I'll let you know about my purchase, when I come to it.
> > BTW, do you have better shocks on your bike???  I am on the OEM shocks
> > 135,000 km.
> > Bob Silas
> > '94 R1100RS, ABS and many modifications