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Re: oilheads-digest V1 #18

Thanks for the help.  As I pointed out earlier I am a rookie on the subject
of GPS(s) and I will have to study the subject.  Why I am leaning toward a
larger, easier understood and talking system is that I am not fast enough to
read off small maps and the problem with bi-focal glasses just worsen the
situation.  I have a friend who is very happy with something what you
described but he is much faster reading and understanding it then I ever
would be.
I'd like to ride roads in Colorado, my son is working in Copper Mountain
Thanks, I appreciate all helps.
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS

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> Bob,
> FWIW, I have a Garmin V.  It has great routing capabilities
> though limited memory.  It does not have a talking color
> screen but for use on a bike, I love it.  In fact, on a
> quick ride to Dallas last weekend, my wife said "What, no
> GPS?"  The Street Pilot series are great but my V covers
> the basics for about 1/3 to 1/4 of the price.