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Re: Shocks

In a message dated 12/2/2003 6:39:41 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
cliddell@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
My R850R at just under 70000km is
giving a nicer ride now than I can remember when new (when it was a bit
harsh on rough roads).  
I would seem that just as there are people who are perfectly happy with the 
stock BMW seat, there are those who can get along with the stock shocks for 
thousands of miles or kilometers. On the other hand, there are some of us, or at 
least me should I be the minority opinion, who cannot tolerate more than a 
hundred miles on the stock seat without experiencing substantial discomfort. In 
addition, I find the stock shocks to be oversprung and under damped, giving a 
harsh ride and jarring reaction to bumps and potholes.
When I purchased my new R1150GS earlier this year, the first modifications I 
made were to install an aftermarket seat and Ohlin shocks. On my previous '95 
R1100GS that racked up 86K miles before trading it in, I had eventually gotten 
around to these modifications. This time, I figured that since these 
modifications were inevitable, I might as well get them done early on in the life of 
the bike to increase my enjoyment.
Gary Prickett
Mission Viejo, CA