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Re: Shocks

When my '94 R1100RS had around 40,000mi on the odometer, I noticed the 
rear shock was leaking. I replaced both shock with Ohlins. There was a 
tremendous improvement in ride quality and stability. I don't know if 
the Ohlins are better than the OEMs, or Fox, but I do know they are 
much better than "shot" OEMs.


On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, at 07:39 AM, Clive Liddell wrote:

> Bob, you wrote:
> "BTW, do you have better shocks on your bike???  I am on the OEM 
> shocks at
> 135,000 km."
> I'm glad to hear about the OEM shocks, especially the distance 
> travelled.
> Like the rest of the bike the OEM shocks, IMO, seem to settle down and
> perform quite well for a long time.   My R850R at just under 70000km is
> giving a nicer ride now than I can remember when new (when it was a bit
> harsh on rough roads).  The RT, at 40000km, is also starting to glide 
> along
> with mainly the movement of the front forks indicating a deterioration 
> of
> the road surface.
> It may be that I do not habitually load the bikes heavily - well not
> counting a few grocery runs every week...  Amazing, the mass in dog 
> food,
> sugar, tinned stuff and the likes!
> Regards
> Clive Liddell
> South Africa
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> Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 6:57 AM
> Subject: Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4
>> Hello Steve,
>> Thanks a lot for the comprehensive write-up, I did not expect that 
>> much
>> input, so thanks again.
>> I will check out both sites and will see a dealer in Montreal too.  I
> intend
>> to study the subject well, not just jump into it.  As for now, I am a 
>> real
>> rookie on the subject.
>> I'll let you know about my purchase, when I come to it.
>> BTW, do you have better shocks on your bike???  I am on the OEM 
>> shocks at
>> 135,000 km.
>> Bob Silas
>> '94 R1100RS, ABS and many modifications