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RE: Shocks

Hi Brian in Boulder, I'm Brian in Longmont (which is just too funny)
New BMW shocks cost almost as much as Ohlins and can't be rebuilt.  You
buy the ohlins once and have them rebuilt every 20k or so for a 100
bucks each.
Or, you buy new stockers which will never be as good as the ohlins for
600 each.
Seems kinda silly.
Buy your shocks from a suspension place, they will set the shock to your
weight and style of riding, spring rate etc, for very little additional
charge. (unless you are a 180 lbs, ride one up all the time and ride
like an average person)

The difference between worn out stockers and new Ohlins (fox, whatever)
is phenomenal, and the difference between stock Ohlins and Ohlins built
for you is a whole 'nother dimension.


I don't understand the "I've been on my stock shocks for a 100000 miles
and don't notice any difference".  Of course not, it's so gradual like
eyesight that you have no idea how bad it's gotten.  

You replace the shocks on your car every 20 to 30k miles right?  And
shocks on cars do half of what shocks on BMW bikes do.  Ride someone
else's new bike back to back with your 50,000 miler, you'll notice the
difference instantly.

Really, besides a track day, it's the best money you can spend on your
bike.  (ok, that and a seat)
I have a Sargeant, have had it for about 60,000 miles.  I like it.  Did
a 1620 mile day on it.  (BBG, ugh).  Was still sitting at the end.  I
figure that speaks for itself.

Brian Hopkins
TDA in Longmont CO
'99 R11RT

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> When I purchased my new R1150GS earlier this year, the first
> I 
> made were to install an aftermarket seat and Ohlin shocks.


What seat did you go with, how many miles do you have in that particular

saddle, and how would you rate it at this point?

I'm at 36,000 with the stock seat and shocks, and typically do a couple
5,000 or 6,000 mile trips each year. I figure by the time my ass hurts
that bad, 
it's time to grab a beer and a burger anyway. Having said that, I've
considering going to a Sargent seat... I can't see spending Ohlins money
on a 
shock, regardless of how good it works. That's one of those products
that I 
simply can't find the justification for the outrageous cost when you
look at what 
it cost to manufacture the product.

Brian in Boulder
'01 BMW R1150GS
'02 Yamaha WR426F
'87 Honda ATC250ES