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Re: Shocks

In a message dated 12/2/2003 4:51:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
ColoradoGSRider@xxxxxxx writes:
<<What seat did you go with, how many miles do you have in that particular 
saddle, and how would you rate it at this point?>>
I elected to go with Bill "Rocky" Mayer primarily because his operation is 
about a 3 hour ride from my home. This meant that I could make an appointment 
for a custom fitted seat, ride up, get the job done and get back home in the 
same day. I used it initially on my R1100GS for at least 5K miles and have now 
racked up 13K miles with it mounted on my R1150GS. I'm very happy with it and 
have no intention of replacing  it with anything else. 
This seat replaced an off-the-shelf Corbin seat that I had used on the 1100GS 
for about 75K miles. Although the Corbin was better than the stock saddle, 
its fit to the bike was lousy. In addition, it just seemed to get harder over 
time. I figured that a seat made to my buttal specifications just had to be 
better. In all fairness to Corbin, I could probably have ridden to the factory and 
had a seat custom made, however that still does not get away from the crappy 
fit and extra weight of the Corbin-made seat pan.
In my opinion, so long as a seat can be made to the individual rider's 
specifications, it is going to provide the optimum level of comfort. Naturally, 
being there while it is being made is the best way to go, but that is not 
geographically feisable for many. I understand that even mail-order made-to-order 
seats generally turn out okay.

<<I can't see spending Ohlins money on a 
shock, regardless of how good it works. That's one of those products that I 
simply can't find the justification for the outrageous cost when you look at 
it cost to manufacture the product.>>
Be that as it may, there is bound to be a time when you are going to be faced 
with the need to replace the stock shocks because they are going to be worn 
out. If you choose to buy a new OEM shock, it is my understanding that this is 
going to cost just about as much as an aftermarket shock. Since many 
aftermarket shocks can be set up to your weight and riding style, it just seems logical 
to go with an aftermarket brand. As far as one brand of aftermarket shock 
over the other, I frankly don't think there is a whole bunch of difference 
between brands, so long as they are properly set up.
Of course, there is always the option of going to Lindermann in San Jose, 
whom I understand has the ability to rebuild the stock shock. I have no idea of 
the cost or the results. 
Gary Prickett
Mission Viejo, CA