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Re: Shocks (Now Southwest trip)


One of my buddies did a write-up (with photos). I have it online at:

For me 600mi is a good day, but my friends felt 350 to 400 would be 
near their limit. They ride faster, but don't last long...especially my 
friend who sold his K75 and bought a VFR. Anyway, for this trip, I 
planed a route with short hops. Even though it was early Spring, I 
figured it would be crowded at the hot spots, so I made motel 
reservations well in advance. Normally I don't care to pre-plan where 
I'll be staying, but it paid off for this trip especially in Moab, 
Bryce and Zion.

The write up mentions going up Zion Canyon. 1999 was the last year one 
could ride or drive up. Now it's closed to traffic and only shuttle 
buses are allowed. Personally I think it's an improvement. Although it 
was fun to ride the canyon, when it was busy it was a zoo. What I've 
done recently is to stay at the motel along the canyon. You can drive 
part way up the canyon to the motel.

To get a cabin there, I had to book it a year in advance. Something to 
consider if you want to spend some time there and hike around the 
canyon. There is also a hotel within the boundaries of Bryce. I didn't 
stay there, but it looked nice. If you want to hike around in Bryce, it 
might be worth staying there since you can start hiking right from your 
room. We didn't stay near the Grand Canyon, it was a drive-by day, but 
if you want to spend some time there, you'll definitely have to book 
something well in advance.

Plan for wide ranging temperatures. It can get toasty during the day, 
but things can cool off at night, so mornings are normally chilly. The 
north rim of the Grand Canyon is surprisingly high. A couple of days 
before we went through, it had snowed 6 inches. You might check around, 
but I think snow is a possibility in October. Here's a page about the 
north rim which mentions something about it closing mid-October...

We stayed at Chama. It was quiet in the spring, but will be busy in the 
Fall because it has narrow gauge train rides up a near by pass to see 
the changing aspens. The train rides shut down mid-October too...

The fellow who did the write up was worn out riding the VFR, so Chama 
is the last stop in his report. My BMW buddy and I continued down to a 
BMW rally at Jemez Springs (near Los Alamos) and then spent a week 
exploring the back roads from Santa Fe to Taos.

That's it...it should make a good Fall trip too...


On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, at 09:03 PM, Robert Silas wrote:

>> A couple of weeks after replacing the shocks, I took a 3 week tour in
>> the Southwest...Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon and all around New Mexico. 
>> It
>> was great. The bike felt new again...probably better.
> Karl,
> This is the exact trip I have in mind.
> If you can give me some advice about your trip I'd appreciate it
> I meant to do this in October, because of many interference I will 
> have to
> do it in the spring.
> I plan to enjoy this trip with a bike which is pleasure to ride.
> I ride about a 1000 km a day (not in twisties) and comfort makes a
> difference, and here is where different shocks come into consideration.
> Also a GPS.  I have a CB radio.
> Bob