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Re: Shocks

I have a set of Works shocks on my 1100RT and are very happy with them. As
others have stated almost any premium shock will provide a very significant
improvement over the stock setup. I am not a very aggressive rider but even
in my case it was a very worthwhile investment. If looks count the Works
units have a very nice appearance, looks like a part that should go on an
F-15 (but unfortunately you can't see them on the RT). Also their 'ARS'
preload adjust system works very well (for me). The Works units aren't all
that much less expensive than the Ohlins if you search for one of the good
Ohlins deals vs. buying them from your dealer...  I just liked the idea of
being able to work directly with the manufacturer to get exactly what I
wanted, and not having a chunk of my money pay for several levels of
distribution instead of going into the shock itself. But again I think
anyone would be happy with any of the big three (Ohlins, Works, Fox) over
the comparatively poor stock units.

- - Seth