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Re: Shocks

[reposted by admin after a minor mailing list glitch... marc]

Thanks for the route, I printed it out and placed it my "pre-trip-file".   I
like to stay on paved roads, are these roads gravel surfaced???
Bob Silas
Montreal, Que.
'94 R1100RS

> I didn't see what you ride, but I'd recommend the Burr Trail in Southern
> after you ride out of Bryce. It cuts through the heart of the Canyonlands,
> and is a good jumping off point to anywhere; Moab, Four Corners, Colorado,
> New Mexico. And you don't need a GS to do it (but it makes it more fun!)
> Brian in Boulder
> '01 BMW R1150GS
> '02 Yamaha WR426F
> '87 Honda ATC250ES