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Fw: Wilbur Shocks


I mentioned Wilbur aftermarket shocks in my post.  I contacted my friend
Rich who has a set and loves them.  Fully adjustable, F&R and about the same
cost and lead time as Ohlins purchased from Canada.  I've never tried 'em,
but they'd be my choice if I was still shopping.   Rich rides an '02 1150

- -TB

>I bought the shocks from Klaus at Run-N-Lites. I ordered and paid $1200.00
last year around this time in December which included shipping. Took I
believe about 6 weeks. Got 'em in the middle of January and installed them
in February. I heard at the MOA in Charleston from Klaus himself,the shocks
now go for about $1400.00.
 I B Very Happy!!!    Rich