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Re: New guy message..

Mike Eyre wrote:

> ...I just bought ... a 1996 BMW R1100RTL, they call
> it. I can't figure out what the "L" stands for..

Stands for "Love it", which is what you're going to do the more you ride it.
Some folks may tell you it stands for "Luxo..." a basically insignificant
redundant designation. At various times, BMW included items like the Top
Case (aka Trunk) or a radio installation kit consisting of an antenna and
radio wiring harness, etc. in the glove box. These items were sometimes
included as promotional spiffs without the "L" designation. Nothing that
couldn't be ordered separately at other times.

> ... It's got 50k on the odo, and it's in absolultly fantastic shape.

Ah. So, you bought one that someone else started to break in for you.

> The previous owner (one owner bike..) was a maintenance lunatic, and it
> really shows.

Not uncommon!

> How long will this engine go for until it needs a rebuild?

There are more than a few with 500,000 miles on the original build. So it's
too soon to tell how long the engines will last. I've heard tell that Voni
has in excess of 600,000 miles on her R1100RS.

Welcome to the highly contagious world of Beemers. ALWAYS ride safely!

'99 R1100RT '99 F650 '98 R1200C '88 R100GS '78 R80/7