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Re: New guy message..

"L" is for a limited addition, usually means they added something as a
package deal, or might have a special paint job for that year...

Hope that helps...


Robert "Koop" Cooper
The Palmetto Ramble Rally Master

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Subject: New guy message..

> Hi all!
> Just jumped into the digest here.. Couple things if I might? I started
> riding about 6 years ago on an old Suzuki.. Had good times with it and
> sold it to buy a Mustang 5.0 to goof with while I worked in a high-perf
> engine machine shop. While I was out of a bike for a couple years, I
> satisfied my riding itch by jumping on my fathers Triumph Sprint ST as
> often as I could. What an animal compared to that ol' Suzook! Anywho, to
> bring this back around to BMW, I just bought (two weeks ago.. Just
> enough to ride for a week then store it!) a 1996 BMW R1100RTL, they call
> it. I can't figure out what the "L" stands for.. But that's what they
> labeled it. Ideas on that one? It's got 50k on the odo, and it's in
> absolultly fantastic shape. The previous owner (one owner bike..) was a
> maintenance lunatic, and it really shows. People think it's a new bike,
> just as I did when I saw it in the showroom that fatefull day. Got the
> full luggage set as well, and those litle hyper-lites on the rear as
> well. Seems as if it's also got a complete set of Ohlin's shocks on it..
> Don't know much about that, but seems that, according to the last few
> posts on this digest, that I really lucked out in that area. A couple
> questions that I have are this; How long will this engine go for until
> it needs a rebuild? I wouldn't be sad about it by any means, as I said..
> I used to work in a shop for that stuff. But I'd just as soon leave well
> enough alone if she'll be allright for a while. Any ideas on a good
> starting point for suspension settings for this set of suspension parts,
> given I'm 6'2" 165 lbs? I don't know anything about the guy who this
> bike is currently set up for.. He could be huge or he could have been a
> lightweight for all I know. I also ride two up with my wife often.. This
> stuff easy enough to dial in for two people? I'm not much good in the
> susp. area.. Any ideas here would have to be pretty basically explained
> to this novice. Thanks in advance for any/all help!
> Mike
> meyre@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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