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New guy message..

Hi all!

Just jumped into the digest here.. Couple things if I might? I started
riding about 6 years ago on an old Suzuki.. Had good times with it and
sold it to buy a Mustang 5.0 to goof with while I worked in a high-perf
engine machine shop. While I was out of a bike for a couple years, I
satisfied my riding itch by jumping on my fathers Triumph Sprint ST as
often as I could. What an animal compared to that ol' Suzook! Anywho, to
bring this back around to BMW, I just bought (two weeks ago.. Just
enough to ride for a week then store it!) a 1996 BMW R1100RTL, they call
it. I can't figure out what the "L" stands for.. But that's what they
labeled it. Ideas on that one? It's got 50k on the odo, and it's in
absolultly fantastic shape. The previous owner (one owner bike..) was a
maintenance lunatic, and it really shows. People think it's a new bike,
just as I did when I saw it in the showroom that fatefull day. Got the
full luggage set as well, and those litle hyper-lites on the rear as
well. Seems as if it's also got a complete set of Ohlin's shocks on it..
Don't know much about that, but seems that, according to the last few
posts on this digest, that I really lucked out in that area. A couple
questions that I have are this; How long will this engine go for until
it needs a rebuild? I wouldn't be sad about it by any means, as I said..
I used to work in a shop for that stuff. But I'd just as soon leave well
enough alone if she'll be allright for a while. Any ideas on a good
starting point for suspension settings for this set of suspension parts,
given I'm 6'2" 165 lbs? I don't know anything about the guy who this
bike is currently set up for.. He could be huge or he could have been a
lightweight for all I know. I also ride two up with my wife often.. This
stuff easy enough to dial in for two people? I'm not much good in the
susp. area.. Any ideas here would have to be pretty basically explained
to this novice. Thanks in advance for any/all help!