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Helmets-When do you change?

I have a black Arai Signet that I bought in '99.  I put some reflective tape
on the back, but the front is very plain.  I then bought a Quantum in 2000.
The Quantum has a boy racer pattern on it and I found that I was getting
more speeding tickets with it.  They stop you if they think you're a 16 year
old crazed sport bike rider about to kill yourself...I learned this after 4
years of riding with it.   I've since switched back to my original black
Signet.   The helmet is "too old" buy Snell standards, but I always, always
where a helmet liner (silk) and the insides don't get cruddy.   It's got
maybe 20K miles on it now.  I love this thing and can't replace it because
they don't make that subtle gold logo anymore.  No tickets since I've
started wearing this again.  (K.O.W.)

I also have a brand new Arai Quantum Joey Dunlop memorial helmet that I've
never worn.  Paid retail  for this limited edition.  Profits went to Joey's
charities and to his family.  It's only been out of the box once or twice.
I should either buy a Honda or sell this helmet.  It's a collector's item.
It's the classic plain yellow with black stripes pattern that he always wore
at Isle of Man.

I keep thinking I maybe should buy a new helmet, but then I think about the
brand new Dunlop just sitting up there on my shelf and get all conflicted
about using/not using it.

Oh yeah, also have an FM helmet that I use for the Aprilia only.  Also
purchased in 2000.  It's a nice helmet with DOT and Euro ratings, but not
Snell.  Fits me well and is quiet.

All my helmets are full-face.    I saw a friend go through a barbed wire
fence once.  His face shield and chin protection were slashed by the barbed
wire.  If they hadn't have been there, he'd probably have bled to death
while we waited an hour and a half for the ambulance to arrive.  It was
enough to convince me.   He got away with a couple stitches in his right

- -TB