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Re: Helmets -- when do you change?

My helmet vendor (MotoMarket, Acton, MA) suggested turning the helmet 
upside down and using it as a sink to hold cool water and mild 
detergent like Woolite.  Clean and rinse fully.  Then just set to dry 
out of the sun.  Works great.

Bob Hadden '98RS
On Saturday, December 6, 2003, at 11:13 AM, ColoradoGSRider@xxxxxxx 
> I've heard some folks put their entire helmet into the dishwasher (no 
> soap, I
> think), skip the heat dry, and that cleans it out pretty well. Never 
> tried it
> myself.
> Brian in Boulder
> '01 BMW R1150GS
> '02 Yamaha WR426F
> '87 Honda ATC250ES