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RE: Ohlins Shocks

I sent mine to Circuit One (I think, it's been a year or so), In
Portland (Oregon)
Fantastic.  Totally adjusted for me and my riding style.  Completely
different, well worth it.  
And at 80k it is completely toast.

Brian Hopkins
99 R11RT

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Subject: Ohlins Shocks

Has anyone had their Ohlins shock(s) rebuilt recently - I'm looking to
my rear one rebuilt after about 80,000 miles to "freshen it up".  Front
is still working great and responds well to adjustments.  I know there
several places in the U.S. that rebuild Ohlins, but I'm wondering if
had a better than average experience, rather than picking a rebuild shop
off the internet that hasn't been recommended.  I live in New York
where the roads are already white from salt..

Gary Bechtold
Tyrolean Hustler II
'94 "beta" r11rsa w/ 115,000 miles and still strong