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Ohlins Shocks

Tom & Brian - 

Thanks for your suggestions on where to get Ohlins rebuilt on the east
coast.  Tom - do you happen to have an internet address for SHY - tried a
google search and it didn't get me there, but it sounds like I've got a
couple of good choices, Shy or OhlinsUSA.

As far as the rest of the discussion about Ohlins, I don't think I've ever
heard that they wern't worth the money once purchased, and I'm sure the
same is true of Penske, Wilbur, Works, etc - they're all a significant
improvement over stock, especially if you ride the bikes in "sport mode",
in places like Deal's Gap or Rt. 28/129, or MANY other places in the
Smokies or Sierras.

Looking forward to spring already, especially with the Ohlin's shocks
"freshened up".

Gary Bechtold
Tyrolean Hustler II
'94 Beta R11RSA w/ 100,000+ miles
> Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 07:11:07 -0600
> From: "Tom Brown" <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Ohlins Rebuild
> Tandy:
> I can't for the life of me figure out why PPS gets the recommendation
> everytime someone asks.   I had a miserable experience with them and know
> several others who have too.  Although Stig does work for the real racers
> and knows a lot about racing and shocks, this is a family business and
> don't take very good care of their more pedestrian clients very well.   I
> never got to talk to Stig.  He never touched my shocks.  My order was lost
> for 3 months.  I had to call long distance and ask after my shocks or
> still have them today (this was 2 years ago.  A nice lady explained that
> some guy they hired must have lost my order and that I'd get them in a
> Three weeks later they arrived packed in styro-foam peanuts without the
> original Ohlins box that I'd sent them in.  I called about that and they
> mailed the empty box seperately.  When I put the shocks on the bike, they
> were worse than before the rebuild.
> The lister who recommended PPS simply bought a pair of shocks from them
> has never got a rebuild from them.   I won't be going back there ever.
> This time I went to SHY racing in Murfreesboro, TN.  They do a lot of
> and Penske work for dirt bikes and ATVs.   The guy, Jerry Link, is a
> soft-spoken great guy.   For around $300, he not only rebuild my shocks,
> converted them to R1150 RT shocks.   This involves some extensive changes
> and he did a great job for me.
> - -TB
> Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 13:34:16 -0500
> From: Brian Fisk <brainfish@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: shock rebuild
> Gary, I just I had my rear shock rebuilt done in NC. I was and very happy
> about it. A regular rebuild is about $100. I needed some parts extra (the
> spring height adjuster) Cost was up there but I had Around 100,000 miles
> on it.
>    here is the link  To: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Henderson NC
>     And the shock came back when they promised, Not like when I bought it
> new and it leaked. I had to send it back to CA for the fixed. And they
> never did it right. Now the shock feels different from stock. Better much
> better
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