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RE: New guy message..Transmission.

I own a 96 RT, one of the first to arrive in the states after the RT
first came out in 96. It turned out that I had one of the many early
transmissions that later failed. I'm attaching a copy of the report I
made to the list in November of 2001 describing the problems I had
before I decided to replace it with a factory rebuilt unit. I only have
15,000 miles on the rebuilt unit but so far I have no additional
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Nov 2001 post to list-----

I just replaced the transmission on my 96 RT with about 41,000 miles on
it. About two years ago when the transmission got real hot as in a heavy
traffic situation the tranny sounded as though it was about to
self-destruct and I could not shift into 2nd or 3rd gear. The noise was
so loud everyone turned to look at the bike. After it cooled a bit
everything returned to normal. Two dealers said they never heard of such
a thing. The same thing happened again last year. This summer I had a
strange thing start to happen in third gear. It would shift into 3rd but
a second later it would lurch ( for the lack of a better word ) and pop
deeper into 3rd gear, the opposite of popping out of gear. This happened
nine times out of ten and once again I had the situation described
earlier. I finally had enough and decided to spring for a new tranny
before I got stuck out in the wilds somewhere. My dealer said they no
longer rebuild transmissions but instead replaced them with a factory
reconditioned unit. I had no choice but to go ahead with the replacement
and told then to put in a new friction plate in the clutch while it was
apart. Total cost $2,300. The tranny itself was $1,700 the rest labor
and clutch parts.
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The factory gave me NOTHING towards the replacement.

 Ken Ahrweiler
 New Hyde Park
 New York