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Re: was New guy message..now transmission

I had purchased the bike used in November of the previous year with 25,000
miles on it.  I don't know much about the previous history of the bike.  I
only put about 3,000 miles on it before the failure.  I did not notice any
other symptoms indicating a problem.  When the shaft snapped it was like
pulling the clutch.  I was able to downshift and upshift but the power was
not getting to the rear wheel.  I coasted down an exit ramp and then pushed
it about 1/8 of a mile to an Indian reservation smoke shop in NY.  It never
went another inch under its own power with that transmission.


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From: "Minor, Bob"

| Was the slip and then quick re-engagement the only symptom before your
total failure?  Back when I first experienced this, I engaged in numerous
discussions on the "big list" concerning this problem and no one ever
motioned that it could lead to a "total" failure.  In fact one person stated
that they had ridden that way for 40K with no additional problems.  Like
mine, his slip-clunk began right after a repair for the leaking input seal.
| I have no intention of putting $2000 into my bike right now.  And I do
like to ride far from home. By the way, what happens when the intermediate
shaft breaks?  Does it cause a wheel lockup?