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RE: Oil Rag

ColoradoGSRider@xxxxxxx wrote:
> In a message dated 12/8/03 6:12:16 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
> dmac@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > The main reason is that the Oilheads is a business, not a club, and 
> > it is subject to the vagaries of its owner, not responsiveness to 
> > it's "membership."  Save your money.  Join the RA and/or MOA.  I 
> > promise you'll see fewer pictures of one person and his bike...
> > 
> Tell me you didn't have a personal run-in with the other 
> person in this equation....

<sigh> To know Steve is to, well, to know Steve. There used to be 
a running joke in the mid-Atlantic club scene that 'the Oilheads 
club will last just as long as it takes all of the Oilhead owners 
to meet Steve in person'.

Fortunately for Steve, BMW-NA has done well selling Oilheads and 
keeping his pool of virgin fodder intact.

- --
richard bernecker
plano, tx
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