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RE: New guy message..

Was the slip and then quick re-engagement the only symptom before your total failure?  Back when I first experienced this, I engaged in numerous discussions on the "big list" concerning this problem and no one ever motioned that it could lead to a "total" failure.  In fact one person stated that they had ridden that way for 40K with no additional problems.  Like mine, his slip-clunk began right after a repair for the leaking input seal.

I have no intention of putting $2000 into my bike right now.  And I do like to ride far from home. By the way, what happens when the intermediate shaft breaks?  Does it cause a wheel lockup? 

Bob Minor
'96 R11RS    

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| This explains why my tranny began the slip-clunk... It used to only do it
around 4500 RPM (always in third gear) and full throttle.  Now, 13,000 miles
later, it will do it at relatively low RPM and light throttle. Am I headed
toward a catastrophic failure?

Bob, it sounds like your transmission is doing exactly what I and numerous
other people have complained about before total failure.  I would be leery
about going far from home with it.  Fortunately I was only 200 miles from
home and it cost me $150 to rent a truck to transport the bike and myself

Tim Bard