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Re: Ohlins Rebuild

according to the afore mentioned custom shock rebuilder here in portland,or,
the spring rates of stock shocks are most commonly matched for a rider
weighing 175#.  now if you are in that weight range, your OEM shocks will
feel just fine.  if you are not, no matter what adjustments you make, you
cannot overcome the wrong spring rate, period.  so you might consider the
two options:  go on a diet, or get the correct spring rate.

valving, the internal workings of the shock, can be set very precisely for
your riding technique and road choices.  this is of couse after taking care
of the spring rate.  is valving worth the expense?  well you will have to
answer that one for yourself as it is not cheap.

would i pull the OEM shocks just to replace them with aftermarket before
they were toast?  probably not, after all you are still breaking in the bike
and yourself, might as well wait for 20k and then do the upgrade.  my ohlins
change out was truely amazing in terms of how the bike behaved.  that was
with the correct spring rate and their standard valving.  i have yet to
invest in custom valving but i probably will when its time to rebuild the
current ohlins setup.