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Re: Ohlins Rebuild

In a message dated 12/7/03 8:46:11 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
tkbozeman@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I harbor
> the dark thought that someone who has just spent $1000+ for a piece of
> motorcycle equipment might be reluctant to admit that it produces little
> significant change in the operation of the motorcycle. Then too I wonder if
> the Ohlin riders out there comprise a small group of hard core gadget nuts.

Excellent points, T... I always wonder the latter when reading rave reviews 
about the latest GPS units, radar detectors, etc. Not saying all those things 
aren't good tools, but I've never really seen the need for most of them... then 
again, what the hell do I know?

Brian in Boulder
'01 BMW R1150GS
'02 Yamaha WR426F
'87 Honda ATC250ES