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Re: Ohlins Rebuild

In a message dated 12/7/03 10:24:32 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
BeemerGary2@xxxxxxx writes:

> Rider 'A' was me with my '95 R1100GS. In actual fact, I rode that bike for 
> 86K miles and had the aftermarket shocks rebuilt at about the 60K mile mark.
> Rider 'B' is also me with my '04 R1150GS. This is an ongoing saga.

Nice way to illustrate your point, Gary. I'll be rider 'C' and take your (or 
anyone else's) stock shocks off your hands for a reasonable sum. Anyone who's 
interested should feel free to hit me offlist.

Brian in Boulder
'01 BMW R1150GS
'02 Yamaha WR426F
'87 Honda ATC250ES