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RE: Shocks

> Robert Silas writes:
>  > Out of the "big three", (assuming all equally good) which 
> one has the best  > resale value?????????
> Great question.   My guess: makes no difference.   When I'm 
> looking for a
> used bike I'm willing to pay ZERO extra for shocks, saddle, 
> pipes, etc. When I've sold used bikes I've received ZERO 
> extra dollars for things like tall windshield or corbin seat.
> My opinion is that these are small items to a buyer that 
> might make then decide to buy bike A vs bike B all other 
> things (including cost) being equal.
> // marc


I'd agree that add-ons including shocks really only enter the purchasing
decision as the deciding factor between two similar bikes.  Knowing that, it's
generally advantageous to remove the accessories and sell them separately.  Put
the stock shocks back on and sell the $1350 Ohlins for $800.  As to the original
question, I have no idea which of Fox, Works, Wilbers, or Ohlins has the highest
resale.  If you watch the ads for a while you could get a reasonable idea,
although I don't notice ads for shocks other than Ohlins very often.  Ohlins
certainly has the greatest name recognition and the highest resale price but
factoring in the highest purchase price as well, and ...

Davis Eichelberger
'96 R1100RT
SW Virginia