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Re: Shocks

Yes, this is a consideration in a sale.
Except, there aren't as many used BMW for sale as Hondas and other makes,
people tend to keep their BMW and they do want to improve it as it is a
valuable bike.
Many on the list were looking for used but still good Ohlins, even if needed
rebuilding.  So you may sell the bike without the Ohlins (for ex.) and sell
the Ohlins for half of its purchase price, or more.

However, your point is well taken: a finished basement will not obtain a
higher price but increases the saleability(?)

For my K75 I spent $500.- (and there were more for sale) for buying
accessories from another K75 which was sold nearly naked. It depending on
the market.
Bob Silas

> Robert Silas writes:
>  > Out of the "big three", (assuming all equally good) which one has the
>  > resale value?????????
> Great question.   My guess: makes no difference.   When I'm looking for a
> used bike I'm willing to pay ZERO extra for shocks, saddle, pipes, etc.
> When I've sold used bikes I've received ZERO extra dollars for things like
> tall windshield or corbin seat.
> My opinion is that these are small items to a buyer that might make
> then decide to buy bike A vs bike B all other things (including cost)
> being equal.
> // marc