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Re: New guy message..

On Sunday, Dec 7, 2003, at 17:09 US/Eastern, ABSDoug@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   Run, don't walk from pre-1997 Oilheads. Transmissions are a MESS. I 
> had
> TWO go out in 60K. BMWNA finally made a deal with me to pay 1/2 for the
> "M-97" transmission. Unless the transmission has been replaced with an
> "M-97" I say don't buy it. Now you'll hear from a bunch of people that 
> will
> say "not my bike". Lucky them, but there are WAY too many sad endings 
> to
> these early Oilhead transmissions. A new transmission, even at 1/2 
> price (if
> you can get BMWNA to make you that offer) is just too much money to 
> risk.

I am one of those. While it is no where near as smooth as the 
transmission on my 88 k bike, my 95 R11RS with +60k miles while clunky 
works well. I just had to learn to shift it differently than my k bike. 
You can not lazily shift an oilhead transmission.


95 R11RS
88 KRS Special