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RE: New guy message..

Their were some issues with the pre-97 transmissions, most notably some had
scored input shafts that resulted in a leaking input seal and oiled clutch.
That problem usually would occur in the first 20k miles or so.  If they make it
past that, the shaft and seal is generally fine.  Doug is really bitter about
his tranny problems which were of a more catastrophic failure than the leaky
seal, but I and most of the '96 owners have had no problems getting long life
out of these trannies.

Davis Eichelberger
'96 R1100RTL
SW Virginia

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>   Run, don't walk from pre-1997 Oilheads. Transmissions are a 
> MESS. I had TWO go out in 60K. BMWNA finally made a deal with 
> me to pay 1/2 for the "M-97" transmission. Unless the 
> transmission has been replaced with an "M-97" I say don't buy 
> it. Now you'll hear from a bunch of people that will say "not 
> my bike". Lucky them, but there are WAY too many sad endings 
> to these early Oilhead transmissions. A new transmission, 
> even at 1/2 price (if you can get BMWNA to make you that 
> offer) is just too much money to risk.
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