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RE: New guy message..

  I'm only bitter because of the amount of people that have this failure.
And I'm only 1/2 bitter since BMWNA picked up 1/2 the bill <grin>. Really
though, it wasn't just me. My BMW tech has seen many problems with pre-M97
  For the pre-M97 transmission, two update kits; canceled. All part numbers;
canceled. Why would all this be true if the problem was a small select
group? The problem is widespread. BMW tried to come up with a fix, twice and
has come to the conclusion all fixes where good money into bad. Does that
mean MOST transmissions will fail? I don't have #'s, BMW has 'um. So does
Getrag, but they ain't tellin'.
  I can say that the previous owner was in my transmission before it hit 15k
when I purchased it. I replace this transmission with a pre-M97
transmission. Lasted about 20K. Then BMWNA paid 1/2 to put in the M97
transmission. No problems in 40K so far.
  I too know people that have not had a problem. That still means little
against all the evidence I've seen. More importantly from what my BMW tech
friend/ex-room-mate has to say on the subject.

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Doug is really bitter about
his tranny problems which were of a more catastrophic failure than the leaky
seal, but I and most of the '96 owners have had no problems getting long
out of these trannies.