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RE: New guy message..

  You are LUCKY period. BMW no longer sells parts for pre-M97 transmissions.
What does that tell you? Various update kits where tried and did not quell
the problems. The update part #'s as well as any part numbers for these
pre-97 transmission are dead #'s.
  I've been through this, twice. I could go into more details about the
various ways these pre-M97 transmissions fail and why, according to my BMW
tech. Mine had no bent forks, no extra wear on the dog gears. The problem
lies elsewhere in most cases.

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I am one of those. While it is no where near as smooth as the
transmission on my 88 k bike, my 95 R11RS with +60k miles while clunky
works well. I just had to learn to shift it differently than my k bike.
You can not lazily shift an oilhead transmission.


95 R11RS
88 KRS Special