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Re: New guy message..

On Sunday, Dec 7, 2003, at 22:51 US/Eastern, ABSDoug@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   You are LUCKY period. BMW no longer sells parts for pre-M97 
> transmissions.
> What does that tell you? Various update kits where tried and did not 
> quell
> the problems. The update part #'s as well as any part numbers for these
> pre-97 transmission are dead #'s.

What that tells me is that they got tired of trying to fix the problem 
as the problem is not always the same for for trouble transmissions. 
They updated the whole tranny (M97) and now only offer that as a fix. 
That is simply the cheapest way for them to deal with this problem.

>   I've been through this, twice. I could go into more details about the
> various ways these pre-M97 transmissions fail and why, according to my 
> tech. Mine had no bent forks, no extra wear on the dog gears. The 
> problem
> lies elsewhere in most cases.

Yes yours and other's trannies had a camming over problem. Still others 
had bent shift forks(and If I remember right, there was a batch of bad 
shift forks that were installed around that time). And then there is 
the 94 Beta bikes that had the lower? first gear ratio and smaller 
clutch that was a problem for some( though this might have also been 
influenced by some riders who were rough on clutches, especially a 
smaller clutch and a lower first gear).

So what is the cheapest way to fix all of these problems? You guessed 
it offer only a transmission swap out.


95 R11RS
88 KRS Special