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Re: New guy message..

Hi All and Welcome Mike!

As you can see you just might unknowingly have touched a nerve here and

Some comment:  I have a '95-'96 and a 2001 gearbox on a R850R and a R1100RT
respectively and neither has given me any trouble.

On the R, it has always been an art to get a quiet change down from 3rd to
2nd but it seems to be "wearing in" now at 70kkm but still a bit clunky.

When I got the RT the first thing I noticed that it changed down 3rd to 2nd
and 2nd to 1st a lot "easier" (ie with no clunk or even scratch).  However,
in upchanges 2nd to 3rd for example,  I had to "work" at getting a scratch
free change.  In BMW fashion as the milage has accumulated this has improved
and is still improving all the time.

I ride these 2 bikes alternately and find that I need to use a slightly
different technique from one to the other to get clean, quiet changes.  I
could even boil down to the fact that the 1100 is more responsive to a blip
of the throttle when equalising rpm than the 850??

Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
'96 R850R    70k.km
'01 R1100RT 40k.km
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> >   Run, don't walk from pre-1997 Oilheads. Transmissions are a MESS. I
> I have a '94 RS with 135,000 km.
> When the transmission in neutral and the clutch lever is not held, it does
> chatter. This chattering stops when the lever is pulled.  It does this
> I bought it in '98 at 13,300 km.
> As I understand all bikes of those years do that, but........
> It runs perfectly and I will not touch it, neither will I run from it.  It
> shifts perfectly, as good as any BMW can.
> Hondas shift smoother, in my experience.
> Bob Silas