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Re: Oil Rag

Well, I'll watch my mail for the fall issue of the Rag.  I
have not paid my dues and since my RT is not long for my
world, I'll probably not renew my membership.  I agree that
Steve has monopolized the mag somewhat but that may be from
lack of participation by others.  That is always the bane
of a newsletter publisher - gettng others to submit.  It
seems that whenever someone wrote in (often Steve Cantril)
their input was welcomed.  

On the issue of transmissions, I replaced mine under
warranty this past summer....a 2002 1150 with 20,000 miles.
So just because it is not a '96 or '97 doesnt mean the
problem is gone completely.  Mine would lock up in fifth or
sixth and not want to shift down after a prolonged ride in
that gear.

Russ Locke
San Antonio, TX
(but a Coloradian forever....)
'02 R1150RT, '98 KLR650, '04 FJR1300, '64 TR4 
PITS, MOA, Oilheads, VTR, etc.
MSF Rider Coach