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RE: Battery vs. Tender

Bruce suggested:

> I personally like an electronically controlled auto charger that
> has a 2 amp
> cycle. The battery tender is a limited purpose device (tender), and tends
> (pun) to be overpriced on a feature benefit basis. A good auto charger is
> versatile and can be used on car batteries (10 Amps) also. They
> cost the same as a
> battery tender, are at least as automatic, and most have a meter to boot.
> Battery voltage has a linear relationship to specific gravity of the
> electrolyte, which is the indicator of charge. If the battery
> charges to the proper
> voltage, but will not function, you may have an internal short
> (sulfation?). At
> any rate, I'd put the battery on a charger at no more than 2 amps
> and if that
> doesn't do it, replace the battery.
> Bruce   '94 R1100RS

This is the second reply along these lines I've seen, and I have to
interject here that I've often charged batteries from dead flat with this
same Tender.  Granted, on bikes that made less extravagant demands on their
batteries, but the point is that it's never taken more than overnight to go
from too-weak-for-the-neutral-lamp to firing right up.  That's why I'm
surprised to see it not work this time.

	- Martin
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Martin Lodahl of Auburn, CA
UNIX Pro, Motorcyclist, Musician, etc.