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Re: Ohlins Rebuild

Tandy Bozeman wrote:
> Tom,
> Thanks for the heads-up about PPS.
> This thread about Ohlin rebuilds begs the more fundamental question of does
> the replacement of BMW stock shocks with Ohlins change/improve the ride of
> the bike enough to warrant the outlay of what-- $1300+ for a front and rear?
> That's a lot of motel rooms, beer, whatever.
> I've never had the opportunity to ride someone's RT or RS with Ohlins
> installed so I remain one of the riders curious, but, lacking personal
> hands-on experience,  reluctant  to mail out a big check and see what comes
> on the UPS truck.
> I see comments on the list that Ohlins improved someone's ride, but I harbor
> the dark thought that someone who has just spent $1000+ for a piece of
> motorcycle equipment might be reluctant to admit that it produces little
> significant change in the operation of the motorcycle. Then too I wonder if
> the Ohlin riders out there comprise a small group of hard core gadget nuts.
> Then there is the problem of from whom to make the purchase.  And so on.

Sorry to jump into this so late, but...

I made my living as a motorcycle mechanic at several oem dealerships in
the 1980s. I worked on Hondas, Yamahas, and Suzukis, with the occasional
other brand thrown in. During the course of my duties, I had occasion to
do the same thing over and over again. One of those things was to
replace shocks for customers with various new aftermarket units. Having
set up, and maintained the various models, I learned how they rode and
handled on the backroads surrounding the shops. I had my special curves
with "test bumps" (how does it feel hitting a bump leaned over at 80
mph?) and other spots for braking, etc., so that I could make sure any
bike I worked on was ok before I signed off on it. One of the jobs that
the customers were always happy with was installing aftermarket shocks.
Of course, the customer was typically going from a shagged old stock
shock to a brand new premium aftermarket shock, but even so, the
difference was always perceived as well worth it. Works, Ohlins, Fox,
and Penske are all brands I have had experience with and they are all
good. When I needed shocks for my RS, I bought Ohlins from Wolf in
Canada, but any of the premium shocks are great, and are better than
brand new oem shocks by a fair margin. 

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