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Re: HID lights for R1100s

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 01:39:30 -0500, rennsport@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

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> Now my question is, is there an AUX HID lighting kit available? This
> should be legal...
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I have been searching for a HID Aux light kit for the R1100S bikes for  
months without any luck.

Hella makes HID lights in two different models which might work well.  
One is their DE Xenon and the other is their Micro Xenon. The former  
are small round lights which resemble their Micro Fog lights. Someone  
makes a kit with a light bar containing the DE Xenon lamps for the GS  
models. I think Touratech carries them and I know that the BMW dealer  
who came to the Wisconsin Dells ralley this year carries them because  
he had a set there. They are about $750.00.

The Micro Xenons are small pendant rectangular lights and need to be  
mounted in a vertical or pendant position. There is a fellow on the  
IBMWR list who has posted some pictures of his homemade mounts on a  
different model (can't remember which...suffering from ARMI) I do  
recall that he had a friend make some custom delrin plastic blocks to  
which he attached the lights and drilled some holes in the fairings and  
attached the blocks. I am considering doing the same sort of thing on  
my R1100SA and mounting them to the fairing just under the turn signal  

The R1100SA fairing has a duct on the left which passes under the area  
of the turn signal lamp while the right side does not and the outer  
surface curves appear to be different and complex so it will not be an  
easy task.

Here is a link to the Hella light tunnel showing how the various lights  
perform. Unfortunately it appears to only work in IE.


cheers...jack R1100SA Colchester Connecticut USA


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