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Re: Battery vs. Tender

Hi All,  On my 98 RS, I am still on the original battery.  It doesn't 
have quite the omph it once had, but still works well enough to be 
better than a new Westco.  I just put the tender (a plus model) on the 
bike to top up after about a three week sit in the garage.  The battery 
measured 12.3 volts unloaded, and 11.6 volts with the ignition switch 
turned on.  Plugged the tender into the aux socket before plugging into 
the 110 line as mentioned earlier in this thread.  It went to the 
charge mode.  As I was plugging in the cord, I didn't like how the plug 
was going in, so I unplugged it and immediately plugged into another 
outlet (about 2-3 second delay between).  That small delay moved the 
tender over to the storage mode.  So I unplugged from the AC and let 
the power supply coast down.  Then replugged and it went to charge 

I think this speaks well for the idea of plugging into the bike before 
the AC.  Thanks for the tip guys (and girls).

Bob Hadden '98RS

On Monday, December 15, 2003, at 07:41  PM, rennsport@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Monday, Dec 15, 2003, at 19:18 US/Eastern, Stan Rife wrote:
>> 	Six and a half years is REALLY pushing it. That is unbelieveably
>> long life for any wet cell automotive battery.
> Stan,
> I have also gotten 7 yrs out of a OEM battery in my k bike. The 
> battery was still going strong when I replaced it.
> Robert
> 95 R11RS
> 88 KRS Special
Robert B. Hadden
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