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Heated Clothing

> Anyone have any experience with an Aerostitch electric liner ???  I
am > considering their windbreaker version.  I've had a Widder for years
but > need some arm coverage now.  Widder's been getting some bad press.
  > > The Gerbing stuff looks so loose and dorky, theres got to be a lot
of      > lost heat. Whats the best (warmest) full coverage electric


>You can't go wrong with Gerbings. Lifetime warranty on the electrics. I
have their gloves, socks, vest, and a jacket liner. I can ride down to
whatever temperature I dare go out in. The lowest I've gone is 9
degrees. If you want a fashion statement that provides some heat, get
the Aerostich. If you want to be warm no matter what, get the Gerbings.

'95 R1100RS

As a buyer of the Aerostitch stuff, I can second Greg's opinion.

I use this stuff on an annual Thanksgiving ride down to Deal's Gap that
we've taken for 3 years.  I used their fleece liner for my Darien first
year..  It was OK if you put enough layers on underneath.  I bought the vest
second year.  It's good, but your arms freeze.  They're good to stick in a
bag in summer if you're going to the mountains and the weather may be
unpredictable.  Last year, I bought their heavyweight "Kamasutra" full
electric liner.   It's just OK.   You wear a couple layers (long sleeve tee
and denim shirt) under it to control drafts and wick away sweat and you'll
be comfy down to about 20.  I ride an RT with a BIG windscreen.  I got a
little cold after that.  There were guys on RS's with full Gerbings stuff
that were perfectly comfy all the time.

- -TB