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RE: Heated Clothing

	Loose is GOOD. You don't want tight clothing in cold weather. You
need to trap the warm air in the pockets created by the loose clothing. The
more warm air trapped the toastier you will stay. If you're after a fashion
statement in the winter time, then stick your Stich in the saddle bag to put
on when you get where you're going. Wear the Gerbing en-route.
	I bought my Gerbing suit in 98 and have not had a problem with it.
It has worked flawlessly. I think the suit they are producing today is a
little better looking than the one I have, but I bet it's not any warmer. I
also purchased the temperature control module and it really is the only way
to go. You can adjust the duty cycle of the incoming voltage and keep the
temperature right where you need it.

Stan Rife
Houston, TX
1999 R1100RT

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> Anyone have any experience with an Aerostitch electric liner ???  I
am > considering their windbreaker version.  I've had a Widder for years
but > need some arm coverage now.  Widder's been getting some bad press.
  > > The Gerbing stuff looks so loose and dorky, theres got to be a lot
of      > lost heat. Whats the best (warmest) full coverage electric


>You can't go wrong with Gerbings. Lifetime warranty on the electrics. I
have their gloves, socks, vest, and a jacket liner. I can ride down to
whatever temperature I dare go out in. The lowest I've gone is 9
degrees. If you want a fashion statement that provides some heat, get
the Aerostich. If you want to be warm no matter what, get the Gerbings.

'95 R1100RS

As a buyer of the Aerostitch stuff, I can second Greg's opinion.

I use this stuff on an annual Thanksgiving ride down to Deal's Gap that
we've taken for 3 years.  I used their fleece liner for my Darien first
year..  It was OK if you put enough layers on underneath.  I bought the vest
second year.  It's good, but your arms freeze.  They're good to stick in a
bag in summer if you're going to the mountains and the weather may be
unpredictable.  Last year, I bought their heavyweight "Kamasutra" full
electric liner.   It's just OK.   You wear a couple layers (long sleeve tee
and denim shirt) under it to control drafts and wick away sweat and you'll
be comfy down to about 20.  I ride an RT with a BIG windscreen.  I got a
little cold after that.  There were guys on RS's with full Gerbings stuff
that were perfectly comfy all the time.

- -TB