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Re: Ohlins Question

On 12/16/03 3:57 PM, Greg gregpt@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>steve, right on.  the performance shock builder here in pdx talked about
>spring rates during one of the workshops i attended.  175# rider is the norm
>for the stock springs.  ordering is no big deal.  tell them how much you
>weight or how much you are carrying if two up.  they may charge you a
>nominal amount, but they will supply the correct spring with your new shock.
>this, after all, is not rocket science, so speak up when you place your
>order.  BTW, i know folks who ordered from win krom and had them deliver the
>correct spring rate, no biggie.

How does one determine the "correct" spring rate? Being ignernt 'bout all 
this, I'd tell the prospective vendor which bike I had, and ask if he 
needs to know anything else to get the right part. If he asks my weight, 
then bingo, we're on the right track. If he says nope, and I ask him if 
my weight matters, and he says "if you wanna lose some weigh, have you 
tried the Scarsdale diet?", then I know I should shop for another vendor. 
Does anyone have any pointers for separating the "box pushers" from 
knowledgeable folks? I'd hate to have to do all the homework myself and 
then give someone the right part numbers because they add zero value to 
the sales process. Thanks in advance.

- -Steve

 Oakville, Ontario, Canada
 2000 R1100S/ABS, Mandarin